Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pure Sweetness

Yes, the great moment finally came. Saraphina has arrived. She is, of course, beautiful, sweet, and sure to be brilliant. She was born on Thursday afternoon weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces. Are we lucky or what? Both of her parents are well and very happy... although a bit tired.

New Blog Format
After hearing from many of our customers that they are no longer receiving our weekly newsletter, we have decided to switch to the blog format so that your weekly news will not get caught in your spam filters. This is apparently what has been happening. This means that you will need to bookmark this blog site and check it weekly for the specials of the week, food stories, and other interesting tidbits on food happenings around town. I am planning to update it on Wednesdays so that you will have more time to check it and order for the following Monday baking.

Friends of Hannah-Beth Jackson BBQ
Speaking of food, I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies this week for a free BBQ at Stowe Grove (580 N. La Patera Rd) to honor Gap firefighters. It takes place on Sunday August 17th from 12 pm to 3 pm. Hannah-Beth is running for State Senate so this is a chance to thank the firefighters, hear from Hannah-Beth (which is always interesting), and have some good BBQ. Or you can just come to eat my cookies. To RSVP, email or call 967-6165.

Rustic White Bread

I know our newsletter is a little late this week, but we will be making Rustic White Bread on Monday evening (made with a wild yeast starter that gives it a bit of a sourdough taste and texture). If you want to order some loaves, let us know by Monday noon and we'll include your order in the count.

Ingredients: Organic bread flour, water, barm (wild yeast starter), yeast, and salt.

Rosemary Focaccia

We are also making our Rosemary Foccaccia, as usual.

Ingredients: Organic flour, yeast, water, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Prices on This Week's Items
  • Rustic White Bread (1 lb.) - $5.00 ea.
  • Rosemary Focaccia (1 lb.) - $6.00 ea.
Orders and Workplace Delivery

Email me your order ( Our deadline is normally Sunday noon so that we can shop for ingredients. However, this week we will take orders until Monday noon since we are a day late in getting our newsletter published.

I will send you a confirmation email when I receive your order. If you don't receive one, email me or call me (252-0418) to confirm that I received the order.

We bake on Mondays. During the day I work on cookies, muffin mix, scones and cinnamon rolls to keep in the freezer so you can order those anytime. We bake our breads on Monday night.

We can arrange delivery to a place of work or a neighborhood (if you order with a group of friends so several customers can pick up from one place). When you email your order we can plan pickup or delivery.

Thank You!

Nancy and Dave Oster, Starlight Bakers