Wednesday, October 29, 2008

American-Made Apple Pies

Get your order in now for our frozen ready-to-bake apple pies.

I have to warn you that if you plan to taste your pie ahead, you might want to order an extra. You may remember the story of my neighbor Daniel who baked one to take to a holiday dinner. He and and his brother Javier decided to take a little taste while it was cooling. Then they sat down and ate the whole pie. Oops.

Daniel ran across the street to get another one, but we had none left.

We are using Granny Smith apples with brown sugar and a light touch of orange in the filling. The streusal topping contains homemade almond paste (no almond extract flavoring). The crust and topping are buttery and delicious.

Baking is easy. Defrost your pie for 30 minutes to an hour, then bake it at 375 degrees for 1 to 1-1/2 hours (until the filling bubbles like jam). Try to let it cool before eating.

Pie pick ups will be from 9 am to 6 pm on Mondays November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th at our bakery kitchen at 5392 Hollister. Tell me the date you want your pie(s) ready for pick up. It will help us a lot if you let us know now, even if you don't want to pick up a pie this week.

We are making 9" pies. If you'd like us to use a special pie plate from your collection, bring it by on one of the Mondays before your pick up.

Ingredients: Apples, organic unbleached flour, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, almonds, tapioca starch, cornstarch, orange zest, and salt.

Rosemary Focaccia

The IV Co-op Fair was a great success! We took an oven and generator so we could serve hot samples of rosemary focaccia made into fragrant garlic bread. I noticed several people came back for thirds. Lots of people told us they buy our bread weekly. One woman said her roommates sent her out to pick up the focaccia for a special dinner they were making and by the time she got to the Co-op, it was sold out.

We are back to one day a week at the bakery (Mondays). Dave bakes his breads on Monday evenings, so you can either stop by to pick up frozen focaccia during the day on Monday or set up a delivery time and place with me for Tuesday. The good news is all our breads freeze well and only need about 10 to 15 minutes in the oven to crisp the crust back up when they are almost defrosted.

Ingredients: Organic flour, yeast, water, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Special Items this Week
  • Ready-to-Bake Apple Pie (9 inch) - $14.00
  • Rosemary Focaccia - $6.00
Drawing for an Apple Pie
Answer the poll question of the week by noon Sunday and email me that you participated. I'll put you in our drawing for a free apple pie. Anyone who orders this week will be entered in the drawing automatically. (The last person who won an apple pie is now an enthusiastic an apple pie customer.)


Nancy and Dave Oster, Starlight Bakers