Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apricots - U Pick

Take Winchester Canyon Road across Cathedral Oaks until you see the Apricots and Vincent Farm signs on your left. You'll go up a little road and follow the arrows marked on the road to park.

Stop at the shed to pick up your bucket and easy picker tool. As you walk across the road to the orchard, look for the trees that are dropping ripe fruit on the ground. That's the place to start. I often search the ground for ripe apricots that aren't damaged. At this point in the season, the fruit is falling fast.

After you've filled your pail, you weigh your fruit and pay for it. It's good to have some $1 with you so you have the exact amount.

These are incredibly sweet apricots with that lovely apricot tang. The harvest only lasts two to three weeks and we are in week two. We picked our third bucket yesterday and are freezing pitted apricots to use in future crumbles and jams.

IV Co-op
Vincent Farm apricots are also available at the IV Co-op and at the Farmers Market this week.

BTW, those of you who have made it out to the IV Co-op, (see post below) have until the 27th to send me your impressions so you can be entered in the sticky bun drawing. That's only four days away.

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